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specialty coffee and tea at rings a bell cafe

57 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley
corner of Brunswick & Water St

Now Open!

- Coffee - Tea -
- Smoothies - Juice
- Brunch - Loaded Toasties - 
- Pastry - 
Mon - Fri 7am - 3pm

Saturday 8am - 2pm

Our Story

Jaz & Jonathon grew up in a small town on the North Coast of New South Wales. They were competitive about everything from video games to drawing competitions, locking each other in pantries to smearing lip gloss on door knobs.


The same two siblings - 7 years later - find more civil alternatives to settling disputes. 

What better way to test a strong sibling relationship, than opening a café. 

With Jonathon's business acumen and Jaz's creative skillset and café experience, the two put their heads together to create a formidable venture. 

A venture allowing them to do business as usual with a specialty cuppa in one hand and 1920's heritage building as the backdrop. 

With a dream to share this café experience with a community of coffee nerds, tea connoisseurs, and entrepreneurs alike. 

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Proudly serving 

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specialty coffee & tea