Eggsactly Your Way 12
Eggs your way on toasted sourdough with chilli tomato relish V

Eggs Benedict 15
Croissant, two poached eggs, creamy hollandaise, fresh baby spinach, and pecorino

Swap for sourdough or GFO

Recommended with:

Smoked Salmon +6 | Swiss ham +5 | Bacon +5 | Mushrooms +4

It Mush Be Love 18
Field mushroom cheddar melts set upon seasoned button mushrooms, crumbled feta, pine nuts and a bed of fresh spinach. Complimented by sauteed asparagus, basil pesto, balsamic glaze and toasted sourdough V, VGO

It mush not be true love without:

Poached egg +2.5 | Bacon +5 | Halloumi +4

Sweet Corn Fritters 18
Fluffy corn and zucchini fritters on a bed of fresh spinach and radish. Special smashed avocado and a poached egg finished with chilli tomato relish and sauteed asparagus. V

Suggest adding:

Mushrooms +4 | Bacon +5 | Smoked Salmon +6 | Feta +3

Vege Stack 17
Seasoned button mushrooms, pumpkin bites, sauteed asparagus, wilted spinach, crumbled feta and pine nuts upon warmed kale and radish with a drizzle of balsamic glaze VGP, GFO

Choice of: poached eggs | grilled halloumi with balsamic glaze | hashbrown

First Home Deposit (Quintessential Smashed Avo) 15
Smashed avocado on toasted sourdough with pine nuts, crumbled feta and sweet cherry tomatoes V, VGO.

Since you already can’t afford the house:

Poached egg +2.5 | Bacon +5 | Smoked Salmon +6

Breakfast Bao 16
Scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, sriracha kewpie mayo, baby spinach and snow pea sprouts



Sides must be purchased with a meal

Poached egg +2.5 | Two poached eggs +4 | Scrambled eggs +5 | Halloumi +4

Bacon +5 | Smoked salmon +6 | Swiss ham +5 | Hashbrown +4 | Smashed Avocado +5 | Cooked tomato +2 | Wilted spinach +3 | Mushrooms +4



Breakfast Burger 13
Fried egg, crispy bacon, fresh baby spinach, chilli tomato relish, melting red cheddar and smokey BBQ sauce on a milk bun

Add a hashbrown +4

Breakfast wrap 12
Fried egg, crispy bacon, fresh baby spinach, chilli tomato relish, melting red cheddar and smokey BBQ sauce in a white tortilla

Hammered and cheesy - toasty 12

Swiss shaved ham, cheddar cheese, triple brie, caramelised onion relish and a dash of dijon mustard on soft milk loaf

Unflapperble - toasty 14

Chicken, cranberry, triple brie, mayonnaise, rocket and spinach served

on a sweet milk loaf

The Roaring Brisket - toasty 15

Smoky beef brisket, sharp cheese, whole seed mustard, pickled radish

and authentic sauerkraut, on sourdough

Pulled mushroom toasty

***Coming soon***


***Coming soon***

Warm chicken salad TBC

Pulled chicken and house salad of the day

specialty coffee & tea